Linkoln (Link) O'Houlihan

Link is a photographer and L.A. native who chronicles his Angelino experience on Instagram to share with the world. His posts capture what it’s like to live in and around the city. He keeps his ear to the ground and his finger on the pulse of Los Angeles to discover what stories need telling.


Nadine Broadwater

Nadine is a hopeless Romantic and a passionate young writer who reflects on the cultural development of the world from her home in Loveland, Colorado. Her eye for the arts and her willingness to reach out and grab opportunities as they fly by makes her blog an enjoyable ride for any reader.


Fitz Broadwater

Fitz speaks his mind and knows exactly how much cynicism to temper his words with. A proud member of the Loveland community and a witty Twitter user, Fitz keeps track of his life and family on a moment by moment basis, presenting his life as a sideshow the whole world gets to see.