Brown // Water

It is brown above me, brown below me
and there’s so little brown around me
where the hell did these blondes come from

what sunless hole were these albinos born in?
This place is not safe for humans, clearly,
They are terrified to go outside
Or else sit in incubators to ensure their darkness
To blend in with the air and the sky and the ground
Below me and around me

And the sea is gray and gray and gray
With sealed-in surfers lying down and lying on shore
“You missed it, honey, that perfect wave”

There is a reason God stole the sky from the sea
And I lost the ocean
I lost the ocean
I lost the ocean
To this massive empty lake
With invisible islands
Of floating trash
Where I assume the white people come from

Where the hell did all these….
And can’t they see the world is brown and brown and brown 

I lost the ocean.