Mommy wakes me up for school by singing “Good Morning to You”


                                    She wakes me up to work by pulling my blanket off


I like Eggos on Fridays with syrup and milk


                                    I don’t get breakfast because I didn’t whisper the words he asked me to


We pray in the car for my spelling test


                                    I pray that it doesn’t hurt today


I tell myself it’s going to be a good day


                                    I tell myself that it’s going to be a bad day


Miss Tamra tells me to sit with my table group


                                    He wants more than me


We read in a circle and color our worksheets


                                    We put on little dresses that make me feel dirty


Mommy drives me home and I play with my dolls


                                    We whisper to each other in the room until he enters


I hear the front door open and I run down the stairs


                                    His boots smack angrily on the tile floor


I call out for daddy


                                    He makes us call him daddy