the hours reconvene at hours
when light and earl grey mingling
are thoughts’ preambulation,
when senectitude graces
a solitary corner of the moon
that is itself absent
or in the azure as reminiscent
of a misplaced sock

it be knowledgeable to say
night is not the same as its counterpart,
windowsill doorstep,
Zora Neale Hurston
Earnest Hemmingway,
as the bindings
nuzzle each other
in the armoire’s calm quiescence

burning into the curtains
the white of lunar dapplings
be figments of cosmic teleology
dispossessed of origin,
at least until something
decants the self
from time and space
and maybe matter too,
then lets eyes or not eyes see
how blight is rhapsodized
in a bird singing the eons ci-devant,
how hearing cannot place
an aubade or serenade yet discern
the indwelt effervescence,
the microwave tinging
to avow the water heated,
for oolong perhaps
with a slab or two
of strawberry-jammed